Tell me how the “Kitty Mitchell Grouper” got its name?

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How did the Kitty Mitchell Grouper get it’s name?


One of the deepest dwelling of the grouper family, it also is one of the tastiest and most distinctive. Colored a dark gray or reddish brown, it has hundreds of small cream-colored spots on its sides, fins and gill covers. It lives on underwater seamounts or cones that rise 50 feet or more from the ocean floor. The world record is 52 pounds, 8 ounces, and the Florida record is 42 pounds, 6 ounces.

Side Note:

This was a small contest on the Tampa Bay Restaurant Review Group on Facebook about a week or so ago.  Yes, the winners were selected and prizes awarded, but we thought our website followers would like the answer to this ever important question….

Of Course – They are a pretty little fish covered in spots (also called a speckled hind or calico grouper)

BUT DID YOU KNOW? ~ The Rest of the Story?





Kitty Mitchell was a woman who ran a boarding house next to the Port Royal Lounge in Louisiana in the sixties.

Many snapper fishermen passed through that boarding house. She always wore flowing flowery dresses, which resemble the patterns on the fish, and the name stuck.





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