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CAPTBILLSanchorCaptain Bill’s Beach Kitchen has generated an enormous amount of buzz in social media with customer generated reviews posted on Facebook and Yelp and elsewhere throughout the Internet Telegraph.  We are very proud to have experienced such a wonderful word of mouth (or keyboard) reaction to our craft of making high quality seafood available to our customers at value prices.  Each and every review makes all of us smile inside because we are very proud of our food and our service.

060715_1464AOur new website guy, Capt. Scott of Gasparilla Media is the guy who built the website you are reading this article on and he is also a long time administrator of a facebook group called the Tampa Bay Restaurant Review which boasts over 5,000 reviewer members located in the Tampa Bay area.  While Scott was happy to be our website guy, he has been reluctant to promote us by writing a review within his restaurant group because he does not want to be seen as having mixed business with his administrative commitment on an honest review group.

Well, Last night John Loder Sr. & Debra Faust put all that to rest and sat him down to once and for all try the food at Captain Bill’s Beach Kitchen.  Yes, he is our webmaster, and yes, he did eat here on our dime… but he is also a local who has spent most of his life on the sea as a Merchant Marine Captain and who has fished these waters as a sport fisherman for over 45 years.  Scott knows our connection with Crabby Bill’s and he has a unique knowledge of the seafood and restaurant scene throughout Tampa Bay because of his extensive and ongoing experience at the Tampa Bay Restaurant Review.

This is what Capt. Scott says about his meal last night….

When John Loder Sr. Offered me a bite to eat after our meeting last night I thought maybe I was just going to taste a sample of oysters and have a beer & be on my way…  That thought quickly faded when the platter of chargrilled oysters was placed before me and I then heard in the background John ordering me more and more food…


Yes, the shells are empty and the Oysters are making my tummy most happy

First, let me say I have read all the reviews on the Tampa Bay Restaurant Review about this restaurant and if someone were of a skeptical mindset, they might think that all of these glowing reviews could not possibly be true…  Let me put that thought forever to rest. Or Better Yet – Why don’t you put that thought to rest and just come in and order these Char Grilled Oysters!

OH MY GAWD!  Were they served with clarified butter?  Yes!  Did they even need to be dunked in it?  NO WAY!  These Oysters are buttery and smoky and just so yummy that I was blown away! I have never EVER had oysters prepared in any fashion, from the Vizcaya Mansion in Coconut Grove, to the best restaurants Charleston has to offer to the finest Boston eateries, that compares to this platter of goodness!  Do not hesitate – order the darn oysters! The orgasmic experience is one that you will not soon forget!


Next to be placed before me was a “Side Order” off the dinner specials menu of Baked Mahi Mahi Stuffed W/ Lump Crab Meat.  

On the menu they do not mention the house made hollandaise sauce that is served on the side…  Just go 20160822_191757ahead, pour that little cup of yellow goodness all over you substantial piece of Mahi Mahi, watch it glisten in the beach kitchen light and prepare to question your position in the universe when you finally take a forkful of this fine white fish combined with huge lumps of clean crab meat and place all of it with the hollandaise into your very very happy mouth.  I have to say, it has been far too long in my life experience since I have been so pleased with a bite of fish…and crab…and hollandaise..oh… the hollandaise what the heck is in that beautiful elixir? Fairy dust?

I am a big man and after this Mahi Mahi secondary Orgasim (After the Oystergasim) I was getting somewhat full but what did I see appear before me?

A Full order of the Captains Platter (Mahi Mahi, Jumbo Shrimp & Oysters)…


I have always been a Captain’s Platter kind of dude…it is just the way I have rolled since I was just a wee little dock snipe… (seriously as a kid, my first question when the parents took us out to dinner was “can I have the Captain’s Platter Dad”? and then I would ask the server “HOW MANY SHRIMP” are on that?   

20160822_191542This is a serious Captain’s Platter!  You receive not one but two hefty and not over cooked filets of Mahi Mahi 4 very large and butterflied fried shrimp and about five fried oysters.  I have to say that the fried shrimp are the stars on this plate. They were perfectly done and ever so tasty… tasty in the way that I remember the seafood as it was served “Back in the Day”, you know what I mean, that special taste that is not seemingly served anymore, almost anywhere else…  There is a special kind of sweet taste of shrimp when fried correctly, with the right breading and Capt. Bill’s Beach Kitchen has nailed that taste!  It seriously brought back boyhood memories for me and I was experiencing an afterglow akin to well… nevermind…

To close this review out I would like to say a couple of things. The first being that I would have written the very same words here if I did not have the job as web developer for this fine establishment.  I am not swayed by those types of connections and I speak my mind when it comes to food.  The second thing I would very seriously and respectfully like to point out here, and I asked Debra if John Loder Sr. would mind if I said this…


We all know the connection here between John Loder Sr. and his families business down at Crabby Bill’s.  He grew up in the seafood restaurant business here on the beaches of Pinellas County.  I personally have been frequenting Crabby Bill’s establishments for over 35 years especially the Indian Rocks Beach location (I lived down the street for several years). The thing I want everyone to know, with respect to all of that history and all of John’s families success…

This restaurant, Capt. Bill’s Beach Kitchen on Treasure Island is currently serving seafood as good as any that I personally have ever experienced in any Crabby Bill’s establishments.  The food is so well done, with care and with attention at Capt. Bill’s that I would simply compliment the Crabby Bill’s experience John Loder Sr. had injected into him over his lifetime, for elevating this seafood game to a new level.

I am not alone in this assessment, during my meal at the bar of Capt. Bill’s I was warmly greeted by other diners who relayed their thoughts about the food.  Not only were they all in agreement, but they each, to a person told me that they do not just eat at Capt. Bill’s occasionally, they eat there two and three times a week.  This kind of locals loyalty in the midst of summer is what will build the foundation of success for this business, this restaurant, this holy testament to well cooked seafood.  When you have the locals coming back two and three times per week to just have the best dinner of their lives, over and over again, how can you fail?  You cannot, that’s how…  Capt. Bill’s Beach Kitchen is here to stay and I say Halleluyah!

  • Capt. Scott Pooler ~ local resident, retired Merchant Marine Master and Website Guy….

Capt. Bill’s Beach Kitchen – Making Seafood Great Again!


  1. Linda Allen said on August 23, 2016 12:21 PM:

    This sounds so amazing. I am in Pittsburgh this week, but when I get back home to St. PETERSBURG, It will be my dinner spot.

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