Captain Bill’s Beach Kitchen Breaks Out On the Beach Scene

June 8, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Reviews

The Beach Scene is a News and Entertainment magazine published by McLean Media in Pinellas County.  We would like to thank Mr. Adam McLean of McLean Media for kindly giving our owner, John Loder Sr., permission to republish the latest review of Captain Bill’s Beach Kitchen. Below you can read the entire review as published on the Beach Scene June edition 2017.

At Captain Bill’s Beach Kitchen, we love reviews and we love those who take the time to post feedback about our food and service, no matter where they choose to do so!  This is why we have a program that rewards reviewers for their efforts.  

Scroll down below this great Beach scene review and you will find a form that will allow you to tell us about your latest review of Captain Bill’s Beach Kitchen. Again, it does not matter where you posted the review (Yelp, Trip Advisor, Tampa Bay Restaurant Review, Creative Loafing, or anywhere else), we would just like you to copy and paste the actual review into our form below and let us know where it was first posted.  You will then be entered into a weekly drawing to win a $25 gift certificate for food or beverages at Captain Bill’s Beach Kitchen!  – There is no limits on entries from any single person but they must be different reviews written about Capt. Bill’s Beach Kitchen.

Sounds like a great way to help us to always improve our food and service while you get recognition for the time that you take out of your day to post about your experience in our humble local seafood restaurant, right?  

So please go ahead and let us know below what you think of us and where you posted your thoughts… You might just win yourself a nice prize!

Online Restaurant Review Submission Form

Submit a review (posted on any site online) that you have written about Captain Bill's Beach Kitchen. Upon submission you will be entered into a weekly drawing to win a $25 Gift Certificate good for food or beverages at Captain Bill's Beach Kitchen! You will be eligible to win the prize, no matter where you posted your review and no matter if the review was positive, or not so positive... Just give us the details of where your review was posted and copy/paste your review text in this form along with your contact details. A representative of Captain Bill's Beach Kitchen will notify you if you have won!
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